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Jan 31, 2013

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‘Nyan Tomo Seiketsu Toire’ Litter Box from KAO

By featuring many cats and interviewing their creative owners, has come to make some realizations. One of these involves litter boxes. If you live with a cat, you can't escape this issue. However, we have come to find that all of the creative people that we've met who use KAO's 'Nyan Tomo Seiketsu Toire' manage to live without bad cat odors. Needless to say, they are quite satisfied with the product. After researching many different litter boxes, we discovered that the 'Nyan Tomo Seiketsu Toire' not only has a beautiful design, but that it is also Japan's top-selling litter box system (based on Intage SRI data, Oct. 2009 - Sept. 2011). Being popular and much-loved by creative people, we decided to do this feature on the 'Nyan Tomo Seiketsu Toire'.


Introducing the ‘Cattoy Arch’ – A toy box for cats by ima

Feb 15, 2012

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MoMA DESIGN STORE ‘Chilewich Cat Mat’

Mar 22, 2011

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'Chilewich Cat Mat'  Sandy Chilewich, 2009 ¥8,400

This unique food mat for cats comes in the shape of a fish. By placing the food dish on the mat, you can protect your floor or carpet from spills. Made out of braided PVC, it's easy to both clean and carry.