DVD – ‘Hello Kitty Nyan-Nyan Daishugo’ (Hello Kitty’s Great Cat Get-Together)

May 30, 2011 / Topics

Tags: movie/dvd

DVD - 'Hello Kitty Nyan-Nyan Daishugo' (Hello Kitty's Great Cat Get-Together) ¥1,890 Amazon.co.jp

In this DVD, Hello Kitty, the famous Japanese character by Sanrio, along with her raccoon-dog sidekick Tracy, introduce a wide variety of cats and feline lifestyles from around the world. It begins with 'How Cats Live', which features a first-time cat owner. A number of cute kittens make an appearance. Kitty's voice is provided by Megumi Hayashibara while Tracy is performed by Mayumi Tanaka. As a bonus, the DVD includes a set of Hello Kitty and cat stickers.

Produced by Sanrio and Distributed by Nippon Columbia Co., Ltd. 2004