Kuniyoshi Utagawa’s ‘Playful Cats’ Sticky Post-it Notes

Dec 20, 2011 / Topics

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Kuniyoshi Utagawa's 'Playful Cats' Sticky Post-it Notes 525 yen by Benrido

These post-it notes are based on the work of late-Edo Period master of woodblock prints, Nihonbashi-born Kuniyoshi Utagawa (1798-1861). Using innovative compositions, Kuniyoshi rendered the facial expressions and gestures of both humans and animals with an abundance of wit. Thus, it is no wonder that his works have transcended ages and continue to fascinate audiences. This set of post-it notes includes 4 different cat designs. Each energetic feline was drawn by the cat-loving Kuniyoshi. When the funny cats peak out from the edge of your paperwork, they will definitely attract attention. In addition to cats, the 'Goldfish People' and 'Animals at Play' series' of Kuniyoshi post-it notes are also available.

Collection of Tokyo National Museum / Brushwork by Utagawa Kuniyoshi