Mar 8, 2011 / Topics

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Necono Camera ¥15,750 NECONO DIGITALCAMERA

Designed by Sweden's representative international ceramic artist, Lisa Larson. As a leading Scandinavian design pioneer, Larson has continued to create new works into her 70s. Alongside her artist husband, she lives in the Swedish wilderness. Lisa Larson's cute cat design has now been turned into a digital camera. With the right eye as a lens and the left eye as a sensor, it's as if a cat is actually taking the pictures (the cat can even take video). Moreover, by using the separately sold 'Monitor Ground' (hitting the market around May/June), photographers will be able to view a video screen as they take pictures, like on typical digital cameras. The picture-book like package, which was designed by Mika Sasaki of Super Headz Tokyo, features Lisa's illustrations and is based on 'Baby Number Book' by her daughter Johanna Larson. With your adorable cat digital camera in hand, you'll be excited to head into town.