‘Nyanpurike’ (Cat Patches) by Une Nana Cool

Apr 11, 2011 / Topics

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'Nyanpurike' (Cat Patches) by Une Nana Cool ¥157 each une-nana-cool.com

Upper Images: Top Row (from left) - Available only March through May: Norwegian Forest Cat, British Shorthair, Abyssinian, Siamese Lower Row (from left) - Available only June through August: Himalayan, American Shorthair, Sphinx, Russian Blue
Lower Images: Top Row (from left) - Available only September through November: Selkirk Rex, Manx, Cornish Rex, Bombay Lower Row (from left) - Available only December through February (2012): Scottish Fold, Japanese Bobtail, Bengal, Devon Rex 
※ Note that each type of 'Nyanpurike' (cat patch) is only available for a limited time.

These iron-on patches are available from underwear shop 'une nana cool', which is operated by lingerie maker Wacoal. They are known for developing women's underwear that is both simple and focused on design and fabric elements. Recently, 'une nana cool' has been getting a lot of attention for their iron-on patches featuring things such as animals and flowers. Among these are the 'Nyanpurike' collection of patches for cat lovers. After selecting your patch, the shop will use their press to help you customize your favorite underwear or handkerchief. You can also take the patches home and do it yourself. Each season this year, four new cat patches will go on sale. As opposed to buying just one, we recommend you get several so that you can enjoy arranging them on your clothing!