‘When the Cat’s Away’ (HD Remaster Edition)

Apr 18, 2011 / Topics

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'When the Cat's Away' (HD Remaster Edition) ¥5,040 Amazon.co.jp

This movie is set in the Bastille neighborhood of Paris. The plot centers around a young makeup assistant named Chloe, who entrusts her black cat named 'Guriguri' to Madame Renee while on vacation. However, when Chloe returns to Paris, the cat has gone missing. Subsequently, Chloe searches for her cat with the help of people living in the neighborhood that Madame Renee introduces. During the search, Chloe not only discovers new sights and people, but also a new part of herself. The film has received many accolades. "There's no other movie like it. Simple, natural and fresh, this film captures the sensation of freedom in both shape and sound" ('Studio' Magazine). During the movie, make sure to pay attention to the lovely Madame Renee's house cats!
1996 / France 
Written and Directed by Cedric Klapisch 
Starring: Garance Clavel and Olivier Py
Available through Kinokuniya Shoten