‘Koneko no Neru’ (Japanese Version of ‘Kitten Nell’) Story and Illustrations by Dick Bruna

May 3, 2011 / Topics

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'Koneko no Neru' (Japanese Version of 'Kitten Nell') Story and Illustrations by Dick Bruna, Translated by Momoko Ishii ¥735 Amazon.co.jp

Created by Dutch graphic designer and children's book author, Dick Bruna. Beginning with 'Miffy' in 1955, Bruna's illustrated books are known for their special use of 8 colors - often referred to as 'Bruna Color'. Influenced by Matisse, Bruna's bold designs and lucid stories have led his work to be loved by people all around the world. The cats that Bruna drew feature large green eyes. In the story 'Kitten Nell', a kitten has an out of this world experience when she rides a fish to meet an indian.