Neko Mitome’ (‘Cat Confimation’) – Animal Rubber Stamps by Kawana

May 9, 2011 / Topics

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'Neko Mitome' ('Cat Confimation') - Animal Rubber Stamps by Kawana ¥2,450〜 Yahoo!shopping

These rubber stamps of animal patterns are produced by the illustrator known as 'Kawana'. Paying attention to details such as facial expressions and whiskers, Kawana has created 24 'Neko Mitome' stamps in total, including white and black cats as well as varieties such as Russian Blue, Scottish Fold, and Siamese. Though they can't be used as official registration seals, you can select the characters of your name (up to 3 kanji characters, or 4 kana characters). You can also choose between red, green, blue and black ink. Moreover, there are 8 fonts to choose from, including Gothic, Ming and Kaisho. Kawana is also expanding into other animals, including dogs, pandas, rabbits and insects. How about making a rubber stamp of your own beloved cat or pet?