Introducing the nanoblock ‘American Shorthair’

Jan 30, 2012 / Topics

Tags: goods

nanoblock 'American Shorthair' 787 yen

'Nanoblocks' are a minature form of 'Diablocks', which is a series of building blocks produced by Kawada Company Limited. More specifically, each nanoblock is half the size of a Diablock (with just 1/8th the volume ratio). Each raised dot is merely 4 millimeters across. By introducing an 'American Shorthair' as part of their Mini Collection Series, nanoblock is getting the attention of cat-lovers. By putting together the pile of small blocks, you can create a roundly-shaped cat. Experienced nanoblock builders can even take up the challenge of matching the shorthair's paws with the pink of its nose.