‘Cat-Label Solid Chocolates’ by DEMEL

Feb 13, 2012 / Topics

Tags: goods

'Cat-label Solid Chocolates' by DEMEL 1,890 yen (25 bars per box) DEMEL

During the long imperial reign of the Habsburg family, Demel was born in Austria at the Konditorei Cafe in 1786. As the Austrian royal purveyor of chocolate for the over 200 years, sweets by Demel have become popular throughout the world. Among the company's many confectionaries, cat-lovers are most drawn to the 'langue de chat' (cat's tongue) shaped Cat-label Solid Chocolates. These classic velvety chocolates simply melt in your mouth. Because the packaging features the image of a cat making a big lick, many people use the lovely boxes to store their keepsakes after finishing off the chocolates. There are three flavors to choose from - Sweet, Milk and Hazelnut.