Introducing the ‘Cattoy Arch’ – A toy box for cats by ima

Feb 15, 2012 / Topics

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'Cattoy Arch' by ima 4,200円

The 'Cattoy Arch' is a piece of play equipment for cats that looks much like a scaled-down architectural model. The product was created by the design unit 'ima', which consists of Takashi and Mana Kobayashi. Working both domestically and overseas, the pair has taken on interior design projects for the likes of Il Bisonte and Marimekko. The word 'Arch' in the product name is an abbreviation for 'architecture'. This playful toy, which allows cats to crawl through small openings and poke their paws out, takes a conventional box and makes it into something humorous. Moreover, based on its grid pattern, owners can customize the size of the holes to accommodate their own cats. It currently comes in two color variations - yellow and blue.

*On February 26th, this product will be available for order at 【the 2012 festival.

Base unit: Cardboard box

Size after constructed (in millimeters): 470 (w) × 300 (l) × 540 (h)

Weight: 1.3 kg

Designed by:ima