A New Home for Miss Mum

Mar 22, 2012 / Topics

Tags: interview

Photo:Shin Suzuki

We visited Machiko Kyo and her beloved cat 'Mum' following their move into a new home. Click here to read an interview from the last time we met - 'Manga artist Machiko Kyo and her 'Cat Princess', the bashful Mum'.

After first arriving at her new home, it took Mum a bit of time to get adjusted to her new surroundings. Though she initially milled around the house, Mum has completely made a place for herself in this new and larger home.

So Mum can run around without causing a problem, Machiko's office is fitted with a sound resistant rug as well as Mum's favorite basket. She's already made it a custom to pop out of Machiko's bed at 5:00 a.m. and take a secondary morning nap in the basket.

Inside her basket is an official ilove.cat 'maneki neko' (beckoning cat) doll. Mum cares for the white cat-doll as if it is her alter ego or kitten. She also seems to take an interest in the cat-shaped teapot.

In summer, Mum takes her place on top of a cool slab of marble. Because her new flat is located on a lower floor than before, Mum has recently taken a great liking to bird-watching from the window.This report had been made from fluffy winter-haired Mum's new lodgings.